What Makes ProFiles ProFiles


            Often as I hand money to a cashier while shopping she will say, “Oh, you go to ProFiles”. The quality of nail application and the artistic ability of our technicians make the difference between acrylic nails and ProFiles acrylic nails. When we were planning on opening a ProFiles I decided to go to school to become a nail tech. I was so nieve as to think that I would be able to produce even decent nails at graduation.  That’s just the beginning point. When a tech joins the ProFiles team the advanced training is organized so nothing is missed and inspected so a tech must improve to stay with the team.

            The acrylics that we use are mixed by the sisters who started ProFiles many years ago. There are seasonal and holiday mixes which change often for a fresh look. Plus, we have gold and silver foils, crystals, lace, and a mirage of other do dads that can be added for your own custom look. Our techs attend new technique training classes regularly and the artistic environment encourages personal growth.

            Of course, not everyone wants acrylic so we stay abreast of all the new trends in polishes and applications. Just come in and try our Bling fingers and toes. We also have Shellac and Gellish cured gel for a polished look that lasts for weeks.

                        ProFiles hair and skin care follows the same high standards as the nails. We regularly have trainers come in and encourage the attendance of advanced classes. We use only proven, hair care and skin care products. Our reputation depends on the quality of service that leaves the salon so skimping on products just doesn’t make any since.

            As you can see, I am very proud of our ProFiles. But, as they say, talk is cheap. Please come in and see for yourself I’m telling the truth. Be the one in the checkout line who is admired for your nails.

Gail Curry

Profiles Salon
Hair, Nails and Skin

Party Like a Rock Star!!
9903 Gulf Coast Main St.
Gulf Coast Town Center Unit 130
Fort Myers, FL 33913
(239) 334-NAIL (6245)


About ProFiles Salon SWFL

Profiles Hair Nail Skin at Gulf Coast Town Center - Fort Myers caters to your inner Rockstar with an immense collection of over 100 colored acrylics, glitters & Swarovski crystals to to creat the most original acrylics & gel nails ever. Add gel toes or pedicure and you’re set. Manicures, shellac polish, Bling Fingers & toes will make our Natural Nail customers happy as well! (239) 334-6245
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One Response to What Makes ProFiles ProFiles

  1. Amanda parsons :) says:

    I loved the page u did great setting it up it looks fabulous!!!!!!! I did have a problem trying to like the link it kept asking me to sign up for something 😦 I’m not shure what that was about but anyways see u at work tomorrow — Amanda 🙂

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