Great Hair for Men!

Pro Files Salon is dedicated to beauty! We specialize in helping you achieve the look you want with the best and safest products available. Our team of beauty specialist is focused on providing awesome customer service in an environment that is fun, relaxing and enjoyable! If you’ve dreamed of a hot healthy hair in a style that fits your look, we’ve got the right hair specialist to take you there! Today we bring you some great tips for great hair for guys… ladies forward this to the man in your life!

Tips on Caring for Men’s Hair

Most men don’t think too much about taking care of their hair. Give it a wash, run a brush through it, and hope it dries without sticking straight up. In truth, men’s hair is just as delicate as women’s hair and benefits from some tender loving care now and again. For the best results with your hair, dry it and brush it properly and nourish yourself inside and out.

Dry Gently

Men usually keep their hair shorter than women do, so it requires less time and effort to get a man’s hair dry. You do not need to dry your hair roughly with a towel or spend hours using a blow dryer to dry your hair properly. Pat your hair dry with a towel instead of rubbing it, since the rough towel material can cause split ends even in shorter hair.

Comb Properly

While your hair is still wet, use only a wide-tooth comb to avoid stretching and tearing your hair. Use a brush only when your hair is completely dry. As you comb, make sure you pull gently instead of combing quickly so you don’t damage your hair. Men’s hair is just as fragile as women’s hair when it is wet.

Watch the Heat

Most of us know that hair dryers are damaging to hair because of the high heat they put out, but showers are just as damaging to your hair if you keep the water too hot. Hot water dries out your scalp and strips the natural oils out of your hair that keep it healthy. Turn the heat down just a little to keep your hair looking its best.

Diet and Exercise

A final element to caring for men’s hair properly involves eating properly and getting enough exercise. We know what diet and exercise do for our bodies, but both keep our hair looking its best as well. Exercise in particular helps improve blood flow to the scalp while it improves overall blood flow. If you’re looking for ways to keep the hair you’ve got for as long as possible, diet and exercise are your first line of defense.

Profiles Hair, Nail, and Skin Care Salon and Spa located in Gulf Coast Town Center, South Ft. Myers. We are just minutes from Bonita Springs, Ft. Myers, Estero and North Naples.

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About ProFiles Salon SWFL

Profiles Hair Nail Skin at Gulf Coast Town Center - Fort Myers caters to your inner Rockstar with an immense collection of over 100 colored acrylics, glitters & Swarovski crystals to to creat the most original acrylics & gel nails ever. Add gel toes or pedicure and you’re set. Manicures, shellac polish, Bling Fingers & toes will make our Natural Nail customers happy as well! (239) 334-6245
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