Blow-Dry like a Pro!

Professional Blow Dry Tips for Frizz Free Results

Here are Pro Files Salon SWFL we are all about helping you get your Rock Star Looks, Celebrity Hair and Girly Glam Going On! We offer full salon services and have a team of expert hair stylist with years of experience to give you the best, healthiest and hottest hair style ever. We can cut, color, trim, highlight, low light, perm, style, condition, straighten, treat and love your hair into something fabulously beautiful! Now we know everyone wants that salon hair look on an every day basis but it’s not always possible right? Well today we bring you a few simple tips to help you learn how to blow-dry your hair like a pro!

In a perfect world you would be a celebrity and have your hair blown out every morning. I know it would probably fry your hair, but wouldn’t it be amazing if every day was a good hair day? Since this is real life and you’re not a celebrity with a personal hair stylist we suggest you save the blow-outs for special occasions. But on those special occasions don’t you wish you could achieve salon-perfect hair that doesn’t fall flat or frizz up as soon as you walk out the door? Here are the tips our hair experts suggest on how to do just that:

  • Start with wet hair. You can gently towel-dry so it’s not dripping wet, but don’t rub too hard (it’ll get tangled). For the smoothest, most long-lasting results, avoid “rough drying” — fluffing the hair with your hands while drying. While it saves time, it makes hair frizzy.
  • Don’t use too much product. If your hair is fine or oily, it’ll become limp. Put a bit of product only the ends, if needed.
  • Divide your hair in sections, and start in front because this area tends to dry the quickest. Using a round brush and plenty of tension, aim the blow-dryer at the roots and move it along the length of your hair to the ends. Heating the hair in the direction of the cuticle helps keep it smooth and fights frizz.
  • For volume and height, hold each section up and in the opposite direction from the way you want it to lie. For extra bounce, pin each section up after drying to let it cool. This helps set the curl so so your hair doesn’t go flat the minute you walk out the door.
  • To make your blow-out last, spray your hair lightly and then leave it alone. Avoid brushing it out or running your fingers through it — this will break up the bounce and make it go limp.

Pro Files Salon is dedicated to beauty! We specialize in helping you achieve the look you want with the best and safest products available. Our team of beauty specialist is focused on providing awesome customer service in an environment that is fun, relaxing and enjoyable! Our nail specialist enjoy creating beautiful and long-lasting nails that you won’t help but show off to everyone you meet! If you’ve dreamed of a hot healthy hair in a style that fits your look, we’ve got the right hair specialist to take you there! Our spa services are just what the doctor ordered! Get beautiful, radiant and healthy looking skin while relaxing in a tranquil space that eliminates stress and creates only beautiful skin!

Profiles Hair, Nail, and Skin Care Salon and Spa located in Gulf Coast Town Center, South Ft. Myers. We are just minutes from Bonita Springs, Ft. Myers, Estero and North Naples. Take advantage of this coupon – click, print and save! Invite a friend and double the fun!

Whatever you are looking for in a salon or spa, We’ve Got It!

Acrylic Nails * Shellac Polish * Pink & Whites * Manicure * Pedicure * Gellish Polish * Gel Nails * Bling Fingers & Toes * Hair Cuts * Hair Coloring * Highlights * Lowlights * Hair Extensions * Hair Feathers * LaBrazilliana Hair Relaxer * American Crew products * Facials * Acne Care * Peels * Waxing Services * Eyelash Tinting * Eyebrow Tinting * Sun damage treatments * Hyper pigmentation treatments. Click here to visit our website and see a complete list. If you need something that isn’t listed there,  just ask!

ProFiles Salon
Hair, Nails and Skin

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9903 Gulf Coast Main St.
Gulf Coast Town Center Unit 130
Fort Myers, FL 33913
(239) 334-NAIL (6245)


About ProFiles Salon SWFL

Profiles Hair Nail Skin at Gulf Coast Town Center - Fort Myers caters to your inner Rockstar with an immense collection of over 100 colored acrylics, glitters & Swarovski crystals to to creat the most original acrylics & gel nails ever. Add gel toes or pedicure and you’re set. Manicures, shellac polish, Bling Fingers & toes will make our Natural Nail customers happy as well! (239) 334-6245
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