Rock Star Eyes!

We’re proud to announce that we are now offering Eyelash Tinting, Eye Brow Tinting and Eyelash Perming. If you want to have Rock Star Eyes come see us at Pro Files Salon SWFL in the Gulf Coast Town Center! Our blog is all about educating you and helping you better understand our services and what we offer. Below is some useful information on eyelash tinting.

Beautifully long, curling eyelash can add an element of mysterious allure to the eyes. To give the appearance of long and full lashes, many women use volumnizing mascara or even resort to using false lashes.

Mascara can make the lashes appear darker and are a boon for women blessed with pale lashes. It takes plenty of practice and a steady hand to apply mascara in just the right way. Unless you are using waterproof mascara, ordinary mascara tends to run, especially if your lashes become wet. Many women are discovering that the secret to having the tantalizingly dark lashes is to go in for eyelash tinting.

A cosmetic procedure, tinting helps to make eyelashes darker and more defined. This is a temporary procedure which lasts for a couple of weeks. Eyelashes can be tinted in a variety of colors. You can tint your lashes in traditional colors like black or brown or even go in for some funky colors like midnight blue or smoky grey.

Eyelash tinting is a very good alternative to using mascara on your eyelashes because it emphasizes the length of your lashes due to the coloring process. Many of us feel much more confident when we leave the house in eye make-up, and eyelash tinting can save time every morning that would otherwise be spent applying mascara and waiting for it to dry. It is a quick and convenient process that can be carried out in any beauty salon in less than half an hour.

It is a common misconception that eyelash tinting makes your eyelashes longer, it does not; it just enhances the color which gives the appearance as if you are wearing make-up. This appearance means that the eyelashes look darker and longer, as if mascara and maybe eyeliner too have been applied to the eyes. Dependent on your skin type and hair coloring, your eyelashes can be tinted to just about any color that you wish with the exception that they cannot be lightened. Eyelash tinting is a great idea for anybody those who is irritated by make-up or that has a limited time to apply it, similarly women who spend a lot of time on sports such as swimming find this process very beneficial, it is also a great solution for anyone who wears contact lenses.

The whole process only takes about 15 minutes from start to finish. However, you will find that the first time you have your eyelashes tinted you will need to visit the salon 24 to 48 hours before hand for a patch test. The patch test requires the beauty expert to apply a small amount of the vegetable dye that they will use to tint your eyelashes on to the inside of your arm in order that they can check for an allergic reaction. Whilst you are attending for your patch test your beauty expert should be able to recommend the best color that will suit your skin type and hair color to produce the best effects about eyebrow shaping and tinting possible for you.

The next day provided that there has been no allergic reaction your eyelashes can be tinted. Your beauty expert will place cotton wool balls underneath your closed eyes and apply the dye onto your eyelashes whilst your eyes are closed. The dye will be left on your lashes for ten minutes, after the ten minutes are up the beauty expert will wash the dye off with water.

The eyelash tinting process should need to be repeated at intervals of about every six weeks, dependent on your own individual re-growth. It is possible to purchase do it yourself tinting kits, but these are not a good solution because the results can be very messy, and there is no hiding them. After all just imagine painting your eyes with your eyes shut! Once done with all this, you can then think about something different eye shadow application to enhance the look.

Please feel free to use the coupon below to save a little the next time you come in and see us for your Rock Star Eyes look! Like our fanpage for more specials, bling inspirations and positive thoughts and quotes to inspire your day!

Pro Files Salon is dedicated to beauty! We specialize in helping you achieve the look you want with the best and safest products available. Our team of beauty specialist is focused on providing awesome customer service in an environment that is fun, relaxing and enjoyable! Our nail specialist enjoy creating beautiful and long-lasting nails that you won’t help but show off to everyone you meet! If you’ve dreamed of a hot healthy hair in a style that fits your look, we’ve got the right hair specialist to take you there! Our spa services are just what the doctor ordered! Get beautiful, radiant and healthy looking skin while relaxing in a tranquil space that eliminates stress and creates only beautiful skin!

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